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Laudra's Corner

I was scheduled to attend two seminars this past month which were to bring me up to date on what is happening in the health insurance world and other current events.  Unfortunately, I missed both of them. Quickly, I will tell you that nationally the Patient Protection Act (Obamacare) is in a world of hurt.

Without the individual mandate, premiums will go up.  In Hawaii we have the protection of the Hawaii Pre-Paid Health Care Act of 1974.  Where the federal law mandates coverage that Hawaii does not, we follow the federal law.  Where the Hawaii law mandates additional coverage, we follow Hawaii Law.  Employers do not have to worry about this.  HMSA, Kaiser, UHA, HMAA are taking care of this for you.

Thinking about why I had to miss two seminars, I am reminded about my frequent messages to you.  It is important to think about and buy your health/disability insurance in this order.  

1. Medical; medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy

2. Disability Insurance

3. Life Insurance; but only if you have heirs that are counting on you to provide housing, education, and sustenance

4. Long Term Care Insurance; this coverage has gotten very expensive as this has not been a profit center for the insurance companies.  The younger you are when you buy it, the less expensive it is

Please contact us if you are interested in reviewing your options for Group Medical, Disability, Life, Long Term Care and More...