Stuck and Stressed: The Health Costs of Traffic : Review Series Part 1

Austin Frakt recently wrote about the physical and psychological affects of commuting to work in his article: “Stuck and Stressed: The Health Costs of Traffic”. Frakt explains that not only is our health being affected by breathing in a copious amounts of exhaust each day but we’re taking on unnecessary stress which often leads to angry and often violent reactions. To read the full article, Click Here.

In response to Frakt’s article, EBC employees want to give their perspective on how commutes affected their work and the changes they have made to practically eliminate the health cost of commuting.

The following is written by Lachelle Rodrigues, consultant at EBC:

For 2019, EBC’s mantra is “Work Life Balance”.  As business professionals, wives, friends, and moms, our personal mission this year is to find that important equilibrium to create a healthy and happy work-life balance.  

One factor that can contribute to a stressful work week is the commute.  With Hawaii having some of the worst traffic in the nation, one fender bender and your 3 mile commute can turn in to a 90 minute nightmare.  We are able to alleviate ourselves from this bumper to bumper hair pulling energy drain by allowing for a more flexible work schedule and working from home when needed thanks to our cloud-based filing and database system.  I personally find myself working at 6am before my daughter is awake, or after 8pm once she is asleep for the night. At first it was hard to adjust to working odd hours especially because before a baby I tried not to bring my work home with me. Now, I view my flexible schedule as a blessing and I do not mind working the odd hours if it means more time with my daughter.

Flexible hours or working at home is becoming more and more of the norm.  The use of the technology has greatly enabled this type of telecommuting, and also the mindset of having a life outside of work is becoming increasingly important.  I do believe this is an important consideration for all companies if it aligns with their business model. I feel less stressed about time, traffic and fulfilling my daily demands in this chaotic world.  I can be more present for my child and my family as well as spend a few extra minutes of me time – even if it’s tending to my orchid plants.


Prepare for 2019 with Employee Benefit Consulting

Prepare for 2019 with Employee Benefit Consulting

Another year brings another opportunity to assess your company’s needs.  Whether you’re an HR manager for a large company or a small business owner the anticipation of growth for the upcoming year is exciting but doesn’t come without some struggles.  Benefit News lists the Top 10 HR challenges for 2019.  We also sent a survey to our clients at the end of 2018 asking them what their biggest HR concerns were.  Among the top concerns were: tracking employee activities (i.e. payroll, PTO and leave), staying compliant on a federal and state level, ensuring costs are low for comprehensive benefits and the time it takes to do all these activities plus all other HR related duties.

We want you and your employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  We have solutions for you to help track employee activities, send updates on state and federal regulations and save time with documentation preparation and more.  

Please contact us with any questions, comments, concerns or if you would like a demonstration of the programs that we have available for you and your employees.

We wish you a productive, healthy and prosperous 2019!


Work Life Balance Opinion: The "Sandwich" Generation

The holiday season is upon us and as we reflect on this past 12 months, I find myself being truly grateful of life events that create memories and stories to tell for years to come.   I remember when I was my son's age (12 years old) and watching my parents take care of my grandparents.  This "sandwich" generation is now where I am today.  I have a son that has entered middle school with all its challenges in addition to making sure my father is maintaining his health and independence.  The difference from when I was growing up is the technology of keeping in touch with family.  I wouldn't say it is much easier to be in the "sandwich" generation but with the smartphones and other means to communicate with family, the daily texts and calls feel like we are living in the same place.  Telecommuting has been around for years and with integrating online cloud storage systems and virtual office platforms, the business needs and family needs can be manageable.   I have always believed in a work/life balance and in our business world today, we can have both.

I recently came upon this article about telecommuting.  The trends appear to show that telecommuting is increasing its ground with businesses.  I am curious to see where the trend will be over the next five years:

Leave your comments below on your thoughts about telecommuting.